Heat Barrier Solutions

In 2015, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) passed a regulation for all glass-enclosed gas fireplace heaters requiring that the outermost glass meet a temperature restriction of 172 degrees fahrenheit or less. Ortal provides two solutions to this regulation: a micro-mesh Screen heat barrier, and a Double Glass system. Both solutions meet regulation standards while maintaining Ortal’s signature frameless design, ensuring that your fireplace is completely safe without any compromise to aesthetics.


Double Glass

The Double Glass system incorporates two layers of glass with a series of small, silent fans below circulating cool air between the two glasses. With our Double Glass solution, you will enjoy a convenient ambient heat.


Screen Heat Barrier

For multi-sided fireplaces (like the corner or three-sided series), the Screen heat barrier was designed with a patented (USSN 60/040,074) Ortal glass bracket. The micro-mesh Screen is stretched around the fireplace, across the glass brackets, and attached inside the fireplace and away from view, maintaining a frameless look.


Rethink safety, with Ortal’s unique safety barrier solutions.

Screen Diagram

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