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The Heat Control System is an optional feature that directs the convectional heat generated inside the fireplace chase to an indoor or outdoor location. This allows you to transfer the heat to one or more rooms or completely move the heat to the outdoors. Available in two options, this system utilizes Ortal's power vent technology, giving you the ability to remove a large portion of the hot air that would typically be released through the heat release.  The perfect solution for warmer climates, our Heat Control System allows you to enjoy your fireplace all year round. 

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Fan Options

Ortal offers two fan options that are available for the Heat Control System: the Standard Fan and the Premium Fan. The following table shows the recommended fan option for each fireplace series. For more details, please refer to the installation manual. 

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How It Works

The system can be turned on or off independent of the fireplace. When activated, a proprietary fan extracts heat from the chase via two heat collector plenums and ducts it to the chosen location. When the system is off, the heat is directed into the room via the heat release.

HCS - Turned On

What's Included

Ortal happily provides an installation and fan kit containing a majority of components needed to install the heat control system. When the kit is ordered, the dealer will receive the following:

  • (2) Heat collector boxes
  • (3) 10’ A610 insulated ducting
  • (1) Air Duct Coupler
  • (1) T-Connector
  • (1) 6” Wall Vent Cover

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