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How do I turn the unit on?

Using the remote control, press the power button and the flame up button at the same time. This will be accompanied by beeps (once per second) letting you know the unit is starting. If the unit is not starting as expected, please reach out to your Ortal dealer for troubleshooting.

How to change the time on the remote control?

Press up arrow (big flame) and down arrow (small flame) at the same time. The time will flash and using the up arrow (big flame) to adjust the hour and press the down arrow (small flame) to adjust the minute. Press off to set.

How to change from Metric to Imperial scale on the remote control?

Using the remote press the off (power) and small flame (down button). This will change the display from Fahrenheit and 12hr clock to Celsius and 24hr clock.

How do I set the thermostat on the remote?

Press set button until display show temp. Then press and hold the set button until temp display flash. Using the up arrow (big flame) or down arrow (small flame) adjust the temperature to desired number. Please note, this does not control flame height.

Is the flame height controllable by remote?

The flame can be controlled directly with the remote or by the thermostat (that are built-in to the remote) with a 100% range from low to high.

Can I use a different manufacturer's interior media?

No, only Ortal media can be used with our fireplaces. CSA requires that all interior media options allowed in an Ortal fireplace must be listed with our CSA certification prior. They do not provide blanket approval for all fire-rated media options to be used in our fireplaces.

Can wood studs be used to frame in the fireplace?

Yes, wood framing can be used. The first 18″ above the fireplace glass opening must be made out of metal framing, but the rest can be either metal or wood. See our installation manual and our Framing Details for more information.

Where should be the location for access panel for service and maintenance?

Regard the access panel for service/ maintenance: must be on the bottom side of the fireplace where the fireplace valve is located, can be facing to the front sides or back. If your access panel will be facing the outside/exterior – you must use a waterproof access panel to eliminate any water/humidity access to the fireplace cavity. Please be sure to check your local code to make sure you are allowed to install an exterior access panel. Access panel must be within 36" and be 10"x10" or larger.

What is the glass temperature with the double glass fan-assisted feature?

The temperature for the exterior glass panel has a maximum temperature of 172 degrees F which meets the new code requirement.

How many BTU per sq ft. ?

Rule of thumb 1:50 ratio (1 sq ft per 50 BTU) for 8 foot ceiling. Roughly 5,000 BTU per 100 sq. ft with ceiling height of 8 feet.

What is the temperature of the heat coming out of the heat release?

Approximately 180-210 degrees F

What is the surface temperature of flue pipe?

The first 3 feet are approximately 250 degrees F with temperature decreasing after 3 feet.

What are the heat release requirements to vent the cavity area per the sizes of the fireplace?


What are the heat release requirements?

All fireplaces in Series 40 to 130 require a minimum of 124 square inches of free air space.

All fireplaces in Series 150 to 200 require a minimum of 200 square inches of free air space.

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