Interior Design Styles: Modern


Of all the different styles that have surfaced over the centuries, Modern is perhaps the single biggest influence on today’s approaches to interior design. From its inception in the early years of the 20th century, it caused a seismic shift in design theory, discarding old ideas about decorative beauty and replacing them with an emphasis on pure functionality.

The term “modern”—as it applies to design—can be slightly confusing, as it refers not to current trends, but to that specific era and school of thought of the 1900s. However, while its clean lines and muted, monochromatic palette may have been surpassed by the more natural tones of contemporary design, the modern essence can still be seen in a large proportion of homes and furniture today.

Just as the fashion world recycles old concepts, interior designers also look to the past for inspiration. With this generation’s renewed interest in minimalism and the decluttering of our lives, we’re very likely to see a full resurgence of the modern style. To find out what this means for interior design—and what it can do for your home—all you need is this infographic cheat sheet.

Modern Interior Design Styles Infographic

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