4 New Ways To Enjoy Your Luxury Fireplace at Home


If you’re like the majority of people who are spending most of their time indoors these days, you’re probably looking for new ways to enjoy your home’s features. Whether we’re puttering around the kitchen preparing meals or creating a soothing space to enjoy a few moments of silence while the kids focus on homework, the many ways we use our spaces have changed.


If you have a luxury fireplace, you have an opportunity to use it in unconventional ways during these trying times. You might even discover new ways to connect with your loved ones by gathering around the fireplace. 

1. Go “Camping” with the Kids

Campgrounds across the country might be closed or have restrictions around occupancy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make use of your camping gear this spring. Clear a space in the living room and get out the tents and sleeping bags (check out REI’s Instagram for inspiration). Gather around the “campfire” to tell ghost stories and share snuggles. Don’t forget the s’mores! Try this oven recipe if you have an enclosed luxury fireplace.

2. Bring Nature Indoors

If you have a smart TV above the fireplace, take a break from the news and put on a nature slideshow that will remind you of the splendor of the great outdoors. As spring flowers start to pop up, make floral arrangements to put on the mantel or a nearby shelf to brighten the space. If you have an indoor/outdoor fireplace, step outside on chilly nights to enjoy the perfect combination of cozy heat and fresh air.

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3. Expand Your Kitchen

Use your imagination to go back to a time when cooking on the fire was the only option, while still enjoying the convenience of your modern kitchen. Make a menu of fireplace-inspired foods like colorful vegetable skewers, baked potatoes, and grilled steaks. Set up a kitchen work station near the fireplace so you or the kids can enjoy the ambiance while chopping, peeling, or tenderizing. It’s a great way to get a change of scenery or create more space in the kitchen while still having the benefits of helping hands.

4. Bring the Olden Times into the Future

Have a nostalgic day and pretend that the fire is your only source of light and heat. Put the devices away and get out the books and jigsaw puzzles. When the sun goes down, the family will naturally gather around the fireplace, drawn in by the cozy heat and comforting flame. With no devices to distract you, new ways to entertain each other will emerge. Tell stories, sing songs, play games, or just share some contemplative peace and quiet as you all gaze into the mesmerizing flame.

Design a Fireplace with Occupants in Mind

With people spending more time at home, designers should think about the ways clients might be using their spaces differently in the future. Think about who will be living in the space and what type of luxury fireplace would best match their lifestyle. To learn more about the many ways you can design around a modern fireplace, download our free Buyer’s Guide: Selecting a Luxury Fireplace for Your Next Project


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