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lyric indoor fireplace

It’s easy to fall in love with a Lyric indoor fireplace. Beautiful, cozy, versatile, efficient—it’s everything you could want in one convenient package. Here’s why Ortal’s latest line of modern fireplaces is winning hearts and minds all over the world.


Ortal has long been a world leader in fireplace design, and we didn’t hold back when we conceived the Lyric line. Instead, we paid close attention to every line, every corner, every proportion. Each unit also comes with your choice of glass media—ancient amber, obsidian, royal cobalt, brilliant ice—set behind a high-quality glass enclosure.

The result is a line of modern gas fireplaces that can only be described as stunning. From the broad outlines to the tiniest details, each and every Lyric fireplace is as remarkable up close as it is from a distance.


A fireplace should please the eyes. It should be handsome and alluring. A modern fireplace should also be fully functional, emitting warmth without wasting energy, causing heat damage or creating pollution. Fortunately, Lyric fireplaces rely on the same state-of-the-art technology that has given Ortal a reputation for excellence. Combine the efficiency of our direct vent with the versatility of our Power Vent system and the safety of our Cool Wall Technology, and you have more than enough reasons to fall in love.


With a Lyric fireplace, you can enjoy many of the same advantages that set Ortal apart from the competition, but you also get something extra—value-engineered design. At every step of the drafting and manufacturing process, we found ways to eliminate superfluous features without cutting corners. The goal was to create a line of frameless fireplaces that’s accessible to more people and more businesses—because great design should be available to the many as well as the few.

lyric fireplace design


Any room. Any style. Any taste. When we launched the Lyric line, we envisioned five distinct models, each with a different space and a unique buyer in mind. From the timeless beauty of the Front-Facing fireplace to the quaint charm of the Stand-Alone unit; from the stunning panorama provided by the Three-Sided fireplace to the revolutionary design of the Peninsula model, we offer a unit to suit every conceivable interior design vision. And our seamless micromesh safety screen gives you the most robust heat protection without obstructing your view of the flame, so you get beauty, security and warmth.


These days, property owners of all stripes—residential and commercial—want more out of their fireplaces. No longer content with a limited selection of traditional, front-facing, mantle-and-hearth arrangements, they’re looking for something more interesting, something edgier. In other words, they want a modern fireplace to go with their modern lifestyle. Lyric obliges. Featuring sleek lines and no-frills design, these fireplaces can please the most contemporary tastes and the most discerning eyes.


Last, but not least, we wanted our Lyric fireplaces to be more convenient than ever. We wanted people to enjoy the wonders of a modern fireplace without the hassle. That’s why we made them easier to customize and easier to install, not to mention slimmer and shallower. In other words, they require less time, less stress, and fewer resources, all while giving you more options when it comes to placement.

Browse through our beautiful color catalog to learn more about why Lyric is the smart choice when it comes to modern indoor fireplaces.


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