Which Ortal Fireplace Best Suits Your Client’s Personality? [QUIZ]



Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all fireplaces. Now, Ortal makes modern gas fireplaces to suit every personality. These days, you can personalize a fireplace to satisfy your client’s aesthetic sensibilities. Take the quiz below to see which Ortal fireplace best suits your client’s personality and explore Ortal's entire line of modern fireplace collections.


Interested in learning more about the personality types? Explore a breakdown of each one along with helpful links to the fireplace collections they’re best suited for.

The Minimalist

Minimalists are famous for getting rid of extraneous frills and focusing on the essentials—clean lines, geometric shapes, simple colors, sparse decor. The typical image of a minimalist fireplace is a frameless, front-facing, or three-sided model surrounded by white concrete and filled with glass media, yet the style is flexible enough to accommodate many different approaches. Corner fireplaces, for example, can offer a welcome dose of asymmetry in an otherwise uniform setting.

Recommended Ortal Fireplace Collections: Front FacingCorner, or Three Sided

The Traditionalist

Traditionalists love a good, old-fashioned mantle and hearth—preferably decked out in brick or stone. They tend to prefer a recessed flame and faux wood logs. Far from being a mere throwback, traditional fireplaces have evolved with the times, combining customary design with modern efficiency. Because manufacturers like Ortal allow for customization, traditionalists can mix it up a little with interior lights, brick-lined fireboxes, or even modernist mantles.

Recommended Ortal Fireplace Collections: Front Facing or Traditional

The Classicist

Like the traditionalist, the classicist has no desire to throw time-honored design overboard. They do, however, prefer more luxurious materials such as marble or granite to more homey choices such as brick or stone. Whether they opt for a full mantle and hearth or adopt a frameless design, devotees of a more classical style enjoy clean lines, beautiful proportions, and opulent surrounds.

Recommended Ortal Fireplace Collections: Front Facing, Traditional, or Tunnel

The Urban Dweller

There are as many ways to do “urban” as there are urban dwellers, but some styles capture the contemporary mood more than others. The best embrace tasteful eclecticism or elegant variety.

When it comes to decor, that may mean a discerning mix of solids and patterns, modern furnishings, and traditional pieces. When it comes to permanent fixtures such as fireplaces, many apartment dwellers combine brick, concrete, and even wood to create a scene fit for an urban refuge.

Recommended Ortal Fireplace Collections: Front Facing, Tunnel, or Indoor/Outdoor

The Cottage Dweller/Modern Rustic

Cottage-style houses (often characterized by hardwood floors, cozy furnishings, and a homey charm) have never lost their appeal. Their popularity has endured through the years, in spite of changing tastes.

There are a million ways to pull off the cottage look, but it’s hard to beat an island fireplace, which is perfect for a space that features an open gathering area. The decorative hood recalls old-school design while a glass-enclosed, 360-degree view adds a dose of contemporary style. The result is the perfect accoutrement for the modern cottage home.

When you think of rustic, you probably imagine natural wood mantels, stuffed animal heads, and distressed furniture—in other words, downright bucolic—but there’s more than one way to do rustic.

For a modern take on back-road charm, consider a freestanding fireplace. Featuring a black frame and flue, reminiscent of an old Franklin stove, this efficient, easy-to-install unit brings the historic charm up to date.

Recommended Ortal Fireplace Collections: Stand Alone or Space Creator

The Bachelor/Bachelorette

Bachelors often embrace a modern style, but with edgier, more masculine trims. Instead of whites and creams, they may fill their tableau with darker colors such as black, gray, or deep blues. Bachelorettes may throw in some more feminine touches, but they, too, appreciate a 21st-century take on the singles pad.

A frameless front-facing fireplace complements the look, although those who really want to up their game can install a double-sided fireplace—also known as a see-through fireplace—that offers a view from both the front and the back. As for surrounding materials, anything from gray Emperador marble to black slate works well.

Recommended Ortal Fireplace Collections: Three Sided, Tunnel, or Corner

Explore Ortal's entire line of modern fireplace collections to find the corresponding fireplace that matches your client’s personality. To learn more about choosing the right fireplace for your client, read our Buyer’s Guide: Selecting a Luxury Fireplace for Your Next Project.


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