Replacing Fire Pits with a Versatile Indoor-Outdoor Fireplace


People are spending a lot more time outdoors these days as a safer way to enjoy activities with friends and family. This includes going on hikes, having picnics, enjoying fire pits in the evenings, and more. Summer won’t last forever, and as the weather starts to get cooler, it might be time to think about replacing your outdoor fire pit with an indoor-outdoor fireplace that allows you to enjoy the comfort and companionship that a fire makes possible all year long.


Benefits of Indoor-Outdoor Fireplaces

Luxury gas fireplaces can bring your interior design to a new level, but many people don’t realize that they can also help you upgrade the exterior as well. Some of the benefits of installing an indoor-outdoor fireplace include:

Enjoy the fire from both sides.

Whether you’re gathered with friends outside enjoying a cold beverage or snuggled up inside with a good book, an indoor-outdoor fireplace allows you to get the most from your home. 

Get views of the outdoors whether the fireplace is off or on.

When the fireplace is off, it is essentially a window that brings in natural light and views from from the outside. Depending on your exterior layout, you can keep an eye on the kids while they splash around the pool or enjoy your landscaping. You can also see through the window when the fireplace is on, creating a unique experience when nature brings rain or snow. 

Stay cozy indoors.

An indoor-outdoor fireplace provides comforting heat inside the house, so you can create a cozy atmosphere. In fact, it could deliver enough heat indoors to allow you to reduce furnace use while the fireplace is on. 

Create a unique design feature.

A lot of homes have fireplaces, but not many of them have indoor-outdoor fireplaces. Adding this impressive feature to your home not only brings the wow factor, it can also add value to your property.

Enhance the outdoor experience.

A well-maintained patio with comfortable furnishings is lovely, but adding a fireplace takes your outdoor experience to another level. Fireplaces evoke a sense of community and camaraderie that make people want to tell stories, share food, and gather for longer.

Stay clean and turn flames on fast.

Starting an outdoor fire may be a fun challenge for some, but for others it’s an inconvenience that can lead to less use of the fire pit. With an indoor-outdoor fireplace, all you have to do is flip a switch and the flames quickly come to life. You can even adjust it with a remote to get just the right amount of ambiance. 

Get ultimate design flexibility. 

Traditional wood-burning fireplaces limit the design around the hearth, but luxury gas fireplaces with Cool Wall Technology have changed this. You can choose to have a mantel or not, hang artwork or electronics above the fireplace, and have more freedom to arrange furnishings with smaller clearance areas. 

Specify an Ortal Indoor-Outdoor Fireplace 

Any Ortal tunnel fireplace, including both standard and high units, can be converted to an indoor-outdoor fireplace with our kit. The installation instructions are similar to those for the tunnel fireplace with the key details that both the heat release and air intake must be inside and the drainage water channels must face down.

From the outside, when the fireplace is off it simply looks like a window, because the frame sits flush with the exterior wall. From the inside, it looks like a luxury gas fireplace with a view to the outdoors. You can read through framing sheets and other specifications to help guide your design. 

There’s a lot to consider when recommending fireplace styles for your clients. Learn more about your gas fireplaces options with our free guide, Selecting a Luxury Fireplace for Your Next Project



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