6 Family-Friendly Activities Around the Fireplace

Winter is upon us, and that means more time indoors bundled up in your favorite blanket with a hot drink. What better time than a cold fall or winter day to gather around a warm fire and enjoy some family time?

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Here are a handful of family-friendly activities that just might inspire your household to put down the smartphones (for a while, at least) and cozy up next to the fire for some fun.

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Make It a Game Night

Pictionary, Apples to Apples, and (for the brave) Twister are family favorites. And don’t forget about time-tested classics like Yahtzee and Monopoly. Dust off your family’s favorite games and let the fun begin!

Watch a Flick

This is one family activity that isn’t likely to generate any groans. Who doesn’t love classics like The Wizard of Oz and Mary Poppins? Or the practically unlimited selection of contemporary animated films that—let’s be honest—are made as much for adults as kids. Grab some fresh popcorn and cuddle up with the crew for movie night.

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Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Many of us go to painstaking efforts to carefully organize and catalog family photos before lovingly placing them in albums, only to have them collect dust on a shelf. When the weather outside is frightful, break out the delightful (and sometimes awkward) family photos, and relive your favorite moments around the warm flicker of the fire.

Try a New Recipe Together  

There are so many reasons to get cooking with the kids. It’s great bonding time. They’ll learn about the nutritional elements of food and how to read labels. They’ll pick up new culinary skills and build confidence. Plus, the whole family gets to explore new flavors and recipes together.

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Get Crafty

Get your creative juices flowing (and your hands dirty) with arts and crafts. Think only the kids can partake? View this gallery of fall-themed crafts just for adults and check out this how-to video on making a mosaic wine bottle.

Tell Stories

Storytelling is an age-old practice—it’s how we’ve passed down information through the generations and taught kids important lessons. Considering its long history, it’s not all that surprising that telling kids stories improves their narrative abilities later in life and even boosts their self-esteem. So, go ahead, tell them (for the 15th time) about that time you and Uncle Bill snuck into a concert—and the lessons you learned.

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