4 Ways to Pull Off a Kitchen Fireplace


Fireplaces in the KitchenA fireplace in the kitchen? Why not? They’ve become nearly as popular as islands and stainless steel appliances, in recent years, and the reason is simple. They’re unique. Unexpected. Enchanting. Cozy. Last, but not least, they’re warm, which makes all the difference if you struggle with long winters, big kitchens, and cold floors.

With the arrival of the direct vent gas fireplace, you no longer need a chimney and hearth, which means you can install a fireplace anywhere—even in the kitchen—without running into venting obstacles or bumping up against space constraints. Here are four ways to pull off a kitchen fireplace.

The Big, Cozy Kitchen Fireplace

The kitchen is the most popular room in the house and the first room potential homebuyers check out. It’s not hard to figure out why. People love to cook together, gather together, and eat together. Yet few homeowners pause to ask themselves if their kitchen as comfortable as it could be. Has it reached its full potential?

Without a fireplace, the answer is no. Nothing works better as a conversation starter or offers a more convenient excuse for socializing. Turn on the flame, invite the guests over, and wait for the ooohs and ahhhs. Watch as the kitchen becomes the life of the party and the center of the home.

Perhaps it’s a throwback to our cave-dwelling, fire-grilling ancestors—something deep in the human psyche that thrills at the sight of a flame surrounded by food and cutlery, but a chill seems to run up our spine every time we stumble upon a fireplace in the kitchen. That should be your first clue. If you want to get the most out of your kitchen (while raising the value of your home), a fireplace is a sure bet.

The Comfy Nook Fireplace

Space Creator 150 with Safety Barrier ScreenYou know those mornings in the dead of winter when you cross over the cold tiles in your stocking feet? The ones when you shiver in the kitchen nook as you spoon your oatmeal and sip your coffee in a desperate attempt to get warm? Or how about the times you avoid the kitchen altogether because you just don’t want to deal with the stainless steel, the marble, the tiles, and the granite?

A fireplace in the nook solves that problem, driving away the chill while creating a cozy ambiance that fills the entire space, no matter how big or small. What could be more beautiful than a real flame enclosed in high-quality glass and framed inside the beautiful, clear lines of a linear fireplace?

The Space Divider

stand alone fireplace tradition of kitchen designOpen floor plans have become all the rage over the past few decades. These days, homeowners prefer a kitchen that connects with the living room or dining room—but what if you want a bit more privacy? A greater sense of distinction between spaces?

Install an Island Fireplace, which hovers between two distinct spaces, letting each room fulfill its own function without destroying the cohesiveness of the design or the flow of light and air. In other words, this kitchen fireplace doesn’t just look cozy; it also serves as an important architectural element.

The Modern Yet Nostalgic Fireplace

The kitchen is no stranger to fires. Once upon a time, people cooked their meals over an open flame that burned inside a massive fireplace. Then came the wood-burning stove, which proved to be more convenient and more efficient. Modern appliances have done away with such outdated technology, but not with our love of the flame.

Enter the Stand Alone fireplace, which pays homage to the long tradition of kitchen design. With a black frame reminiscent of old cast-iron stoves, this beautiful model conjures up a sense of nostalgia, all while offering modern convenience and efficiency.

Limitless Possibilities

At Ortal, we’re masters at breaking down design barriers. Whether you want to transform your kitchen with a Stand Alone fireplace or warm up your bathroom with a full three-sided fireplace, we can make it happen. Get in touch with an Ortal representative to find out how you can realize your vision.

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