5 Amazing Fireplace Designs Set to Dominate 2018


You can install the most beautiful gas fireplace in the world, but, if you haven’t put much thought into the fireplace surround, you’ll never reach your full design potential. So, what are the hottest fireplace trends for 2018? What materials and styles are exciting homeowners, designers, and architects around the world?

From ultra-modern metallic porcelain to time-honored terracotta, you have plenty of options when it comes to permanent fireplace decor. To get you thinking, here are five modern fireplace surround ideas that straddle the divide between timeless and trendy.

Metallic Porcelain

Sleek. Sophisticated. Edgy. Designers looking for something a little moodier than the traditional brick fireplace surround can’t go wrong with metallic porcelain. As bolder, more maximalist designs have gained favor, metallic accents have taken center stage, becoming one of the leading interior design trends for 2018.

Made to mimic the look of antiqued metals, metallic tiles nonetheless possess the strength and durability of porcelain. That being said, they’re more maintenance-intensive than some other materials; hence, the appeal among those who value style above ease. As for execution, most choose to skip the grout and instead create a seamless, solid-wall look that imparts a sense of spacious grandeur.

Faux Wood

Wood and fireplaces don’t mix, but who says you can’t get the beauty of wood without the risk of flammability? Just as you can stick faux wood logs in your fireplace, so, too, you can place wood-look ceramic tiles around the fireplace. Expect more designers to go this route as the natural wood look makes a comeback in 2018 and, possibly, for many years to come.

Carrara Marble

For a more traditional surround, try Carrara marble. A favorite of architects and designers for thousands of years, marble is as timeless as it gets. This Tuscan variety, which features a snowy white surface streaked by silver and gray, was beloved by the likes of Michelangelo, and it’s no wonder. To this day, a marble fireplace conveys elegant refinement and impeccable taste.


If you want a different take on the white marble look, you could try Naxos instead of Carrara. Named after the Greek island from which it comes, this lightly dappled marble complements classy, upscale interiors. Many designers opt for the striated variety, which offers more texture and visual interest. Dense and durable, Naxos makes a great fireplace surround material.


A long-cherished staple of the southwestern look, terracotta has exploded in popularity in recent years. These days, you’ll find hand-painted terracotta floors, walls, and accents in homes across North America and beyond.

Today’s terracotta of choice tends to have a more natural finish than in years past, but it still has the same regionally rustic charm. Place it in a clean, minimalist backdrop to add a slight bucolic touch, or pair it with other patterns and materials to achieve the trending maximalist aesthetic.

Reimagine Fireplace Design

Thanks to technological advancements, designers and architects are no longer limited to the customary materials of yesterday. Today, they can surround their modern fireplaces with all sorts of materials, from oak and driftwood to glass and porcelain. In order to achieve such versatility, they need a helping hand from Ortal’s Cool Wall Technology, which keeps the surrounding temperature down to a safe level. With that kind of flexibility, you have limitless design possibilities at your fingertips.

Want more inspiration? Looking for the perfect modern gas fireplace to go with that impressive surround? Visit our gallery to see the latest modern fireplace design ideas and photos.

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