5 Reasons to Choose a Curved or Island Fireplace for Your Contemporary House Design


Think of a fireplace, and you picture a flame enclosed in a wall, yet the modern fireplace is a multifaceted wonder. Versatile and innovative, it can adapt to any setting and every style. Nowhere is that more apparent than with Ortal’s island and curved fireplaces—the latest marvels of the interior design world.

Position an island fireplace at the intersection of two rooms to divide the space and welcome guests. Place a curved fireplace in the center of a round seating area to encourage comfort and conversation. No matter where you place them or how you use them, these architectural masterpieces create a dramatic focal point and introduce an unexpected design element into any room. Here are five reasons to choose an island or curved fireplace for your contemporary house design.

It Can Divide a Large Space

An island fireplace is a perfect way to separate two areas without cutting them off completely.

You can divide the kitchen from the living room, the dining room from the kitchen, or one part of a lobby from another. Rather than stare at a bare wall or a bland column, you can watch the flames dance as you sit, cook, or gather with friends and family. The island fireplace can be used as a room divider and is both an architectural element and a design masterpiece.

It Can Draw Eyes and Gather Crowds

Create a stunning focal point with a curved fireplace. Offering a three-dimensional, wrap-around viewing experience, curved fireplaces unify space, draw eyes, and gather crowds. Perfect for lobbies, kitchens, open floor plans, and other unconventional spaces, these modern fireplaces are as innovative as they are beautiful, as warm as they are elegant. In addition to the graceful vent, which rises to the ceiling, you can choose an attractive conical hood for an extra decorative touch.

It Can Punctuate an Open Space

Fireplaces feel right at home in any open floor plan. A compact, freestanding design lets you create visual interest without interrupting the flow of traffic or the sense of expansiveness.

With Ortal’s curved fireplaces, you no longer need to surrender to traditional design constraints. Place your fire nearly anywhere in a room—in the middle, in a corner, in a discreet nook. Adding both warmth and architectural beauty, these stunning gas fireplaces are ideal when you want to punctuate space without breaking it.

It Can Gather the Crowds

With a 360° wrap-around view, curved units make perfect focal points around which people can gather. Graceful curves frame a stunning glass enclosure. Surround the fireplace with comfortable chairs or sofas, pour some drinks, and you have all the ingredients for an incredible social experience. Upscale restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and hotels frequently use multiple curved fireplaces to create little islands of hospitality within larger spaces.

Homeowners can also create distinct social spaces by placing an island fireplace in strategic locations—between a family room and a kitchen or between a dining room and a living room. If you need to split up two separate areas, an island fireplace will do the job with taste and elegance.

It Can Drive Away the Chill

Ortal’s modern gas fireplaces are more than gorgeous architectural statements. They’re also fully functional fireplaces that can warm any space, large or small. In fact, Ortal builds the most efficient, heat-emitting fireplaces on the market. Drive away the chill and cozy up to the flame with our beautiful line of direct vent gas fireplaces.

Enliven any space with a modern fireplace from Ortal. Browse through our catalog to find the perfect island or curved fireplace for your home or business. With Ortal, you get limitless design possibilities.

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