Why You Need a Three-Sided Fireplace (and How to Design One)


Compared with traditional fireplaces, three-sided fireplaces offer less structure and more flame. With a firebox that’s visible from the front and sides, and a sleek design that possesses an unmistakably modern charm, these contemporary fireplaces have become increasingly popular among design-conscious homeowners and luxury apartment dwellers, not to mention commercial establishments (think high-end hotels and glamorous restaurants).

For people who want to go beyond the conventional, there’s no reason to light a fire in two dimensions when you can see it in three. Whether you have a traditional home outfitted in classic stone or a minimalist apartment featuring clean lines, a multi-sided fireplace can enhance the appeal of any interior space.

Three Sided Fireplaces Offer Tradition with a Twist

 Clear 75 TS Three Sided Fireplace: A beautiful floating hearth arrangement 

Traditional fireplaces reveal beauty from one angle. With a three-sided model, you can enjoy the flame from any angle in the room. These elegant architectural solutions add depth and dynamism to a conventional Front-Facing fireplace arrangement. With extra visibility comes expanded design possibilities. Install the fireplace in a wall and leave room for a multi-sided view, or create a floating hearth that doubles as a shelf. No matter where you place your three-sided fireplace, you get a blend of classic charm and modern design.

A Three Sided Fireplace Can Enhance an Open Floor Plan

Partial walls and columns work well in open floor plans. They create pockets of discreet space without destroying the flow or expansiveness of the area. Although nice enough on their own, they look stunning when combined with a three-sided fireplace. This particular architectural layout is ideal for almost any open setting—office buildings, restaurant dining areas, large homes, modern apartments, and cabin getaways.

A Clever Architectural Solution

Columns and partial walls can present architectural challenges. How do you bring these features into the overall design of the home? Do you hang artwork on them? Do you butt small furniture items up against them? Do you insert small bookshelves inside them? Do you leave the wall bare and let it speak for itself?

A three-sided fireplace offers an innovative solution. Instead of navigating around a bare wall fragment, you can incorporate a beautiful design element into the structure itself. Enclose a contemporary fireplace in a sidewall extension, and you create a space that’s not only functional (providing an extra heat source) but also glamorous. And, with Ortal’s advanced Cool Wall Technology, you can easily hang valuable artwork or place a flat screen TV above the fireplace so you don’t waste a bit of usable wall space.

Ortal’s Modern Fireplaces Give You Limitless Design Possibilities

With the grace and flexibility of a modern three-sided fireplace, the design possibilities are endless. Do the windows extend from one end of the room to the other? A bisecting column creates a nice sense of symmetry. Want to break up the uniformity of the room? A less centered piece will do the trick. No matter what ambiance you’re trying to create, a three-sided fireplace can bring out the best in any room.

Embrace the Possibilities

With Ortal, the possibilities are limitless. Want more inspiration for your home or business? Looking for more incredible fireplace design ideas? Read up on our latest blog posts to learn how to incorporate the right fireplace into each and every space.

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