5 Surprising Facts About the Best Gas Fireplaces


You may know that a crackling fire can add charm and ambiance to any room; you may know that a modern fireplace can enhance your décor, but did you know these surprising (and useful) facts about gas fireplaces?

Modern fireplaces

Fact #1: A Modern Fireplace Can Save Energy

Did you know a modern fireplace is a green alternative to central heating?

The Problem: Most people use only a few rooms in their home on any given day, yet they heat the whole house. Why waste energy on empty space?

  • The Fix: There’s no reason to use a central thermostat to regulate the temperature when a simple fireplace will do the trick. Install a gas fireplace in the rooms you frequent and fire it up to drive away the chill.
  • The Benefits: When you use a fireplace instead of a climate control system, you lower your overall energy consumption, and that makes Mother Nature happy.

Fact #2: A Gas Fireplace Can Reduce Heating Costs

Did you know an energy-efficient, modern fireplace can save you money on your monthly heating bill?

  • The Problem: Energy costs are rising, and that’s putting pressure on homeowners to find creative heating solutions.
  • The Fix: Rather than pay a fortune in central heating bills, simply install a high-efficiency fireplace.

Fact #3: You Can Control Your Fireplace with a Remote

Did you know you many modern fireplaces are remote controlled?

  • The Problem: Old fireplaces could be a hassle to start. You had to get up, light a match, and turn a knob.
  • The Fix: Get a newer model that comes equipped with a handy remote.
  • The Benefits: Who wouldn’t want to start a crackling fire at the push of a button?

Old fireplaces

Fact #4: Gas Fireplaces Are More Efficient than Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Did you know the best gas fireplaces are far more efficient than wood-burning fireplaces?

  • The Problem: It takes quite a bit of wood to produce a decent amount of heat.
  • The Fix: Don’t bother buying (or chopping) piles of wood. Buy a gas fireplace, instead, and sit back while it does all the work.
  • The Benefits: Gas fireplaces burn at about 50 to 90 percent efficiency. Compare that to a wood fireplace, which offers roughly 10 to 30 percent efficiency.

Fact #5: Gas Fireplaces Are Practically Maintenance Free

Did you know gas fireplaces require almost no cleaning or maintenance?

  • The Problem: Wood-burning fireplaces not only release a lot of smoke into the atmosphere, but they also produce a great deal ash that requires regular cleaning and chimney sweeps.
  • The Fix: Replace your wood-burning fireplace with a gas-burning fireplace.
  • The Benefits: Less mess equals less cleaning. That equals more time for enjoying the warm glow of the fire.

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