6 Advantages of Ortal’s Traditional Fireplaces


 Want to enjoy the beauty of tradition without sacrificing the convenience of modernity? Ortal’s traditional gas fireplaces combine the best of both worlds. Here, old-school charm meets new-world efficiency. With Ortal, you get advanced technology, limitless design possibilities, and the freedom to choose the fireplace of your dreams.

Enjoy the Comfortable Heat

Some fireplaces run too hot. Get too close, and you’ll need time to cool off. Others are stingy, giving off little to no heat. Ortal fireplaces release just the right amount of heat. Not too hot. Not too cool. Just a comfortable, beautiful, blazing fire. No need to fiddle with the temperature. No need to sit a mile away.  Enjoy the heat and ambiance the Traditional fireplace offers.

Get Traditional Elegance and Modern Design

Ortal’s traditional fireplaces come with a modern twist. Unlike the cavernous fireplaces of old, our models are deep enough to accommodate any media (logs, glass, etc.), but shallow enough to bring the flame closer to home. Want to add more modern touches to your traditional unit? Incorporate interior lights and black reflective glass for ultimate style.

Space-Saving Venting Technology

Oversize vents take up more than their fair share of wall space. In fact, vents should eat up as little room as possible. With Ortal, they do. Each of our Traditional fireplaces comes with the smallest vent you’ll find on the market. Why settle for large, unwieldy technology when you can get compact efficiency?

Leave Unsightly Vents Behind

Inner and External Beauty

There’s no other way to say it. Your average power vent termination cap is ugly. It protrudes on the outside of the house and creates an unsightly mess. Since beauty is in the details, such an eyesore can be a deal breaker for design-conscious property owners. Ortal solves the problem. Instead of an unattractive termination cap, you get a seamless design. Since our Flush Horizontal Power Vent comes in a neutral cream color, you can easily paint it any color to match the surrounding walls.

Don’t Pay Extra for Cool Wall Technology

People today want more options. They don’t want their fireplace to dominate the room and monopolize an entire wall. They want to enjoy their fire and watch TV without craning their necks. They want to hang priceless artwork above their gorgeous fireplace. The only way to do that is with advanced cool wall technology, which ensures that walls surrounding your fireplace remain cool.

Ortal’s Cool Wall Technology comes standard with each unit. Unlike our competitors, we don’t charge extra for a feature that is essential to the modern consumer. No costly add-ons. No expensive materials. Just all-inclusive safety and limitless design.

Light the Flame You Want, When You Want It

Ortal gives you maximum control over the size and shape of the flame. Our burner coins let you create the exact “picture view” you desire. Fill the frame with fire or create a small, simmering flame in the middle of the firebox. Whatever you want, you can find your own comfort zone.

Rediscover Tradition with Ortal

Only Ortal combines traditional style and modern technology with such graceful efficiency. What’s the Ortal difference? Superior technology. Unparalleled design. Impeccable detail. Rediscover your love for the hearth with Ortal’s traditional fireplaces.

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