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Modern gas fireplaces are clean. They’re efficient. They’re beautiful, featuring sleek lines and streamlined designs. There’s only one drawback: the heat. Those elegant glass panels that grace the front of most modern fireplaces can get hot—extremely hot. Hence, the need for heat barriers. Yet, how do you protect people from burns without detracting from the minimalist beauty of the fireplace? For that, you need Ortal’s innovative heat barrier solutions. 

 A 110 Three Sided Fireplace with Double Glass Heat Barrier Offers Both Safety and Beauty

New Gas Fireplaces Must Have Heat Barrier Screens

The glass panels that separate the firebox from the room can sometimes reach temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and they can stay hot for up to an hour after the flame has died out. Touch the unprotected glass, and you could instantly suffer third-degree burns.

That may sound far-fetched, but every year more than 17,000 people seek medical treatment for burns, and 11 percent of those require surgery. Inquisitive children are the most vulnerable.

Aware of the dangers, the government has stepped in to do what it does best—regulate. Ever since 2015, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has demanded that every new vented gas fireplace comes with a standard mesh safety screen. The Canadian government has passed similar regulations. These days, it’s up to builders and contractors to ensure that every new fireplace they install is equipped with a screen barrier.

How to Stay Safe Without Sacrificing Design

The problem with most mesh screens is that they’re unsightly. A bulky screen could easily ruin the clean, sleek look of any modern fireplace. That’s why Ortal has worked so hard to come up with creative solutions to this two-fold problem.

When we started out, we wanted to make a barrier that met the strictest safety requirements and satisfied the most discerning eye. In the end, we devised two solutions—a patented nearly invisible screen and a double glass heat barrier. Both of our safety barriers combine maximum protection with unhindered beauty.

Innovative Heat Barrier Solutions A Clear 200 Left Side Fireplace with a Nearly Invisible Screen Barrier

The Screen. The first solution is a standard semi-transparent screen. Like other mesh screens, it creates a formidable barrier that protects people if they get too close to the glass. Unlike other mesh screens, it’s nearly invisible to the naked eye. Made of fine yet durable mesh, it blends into the glass and practically disappears from view. Best of all, it’s versatile enough to fit onto almost all of Ortal’s gas fireplaces, from our traditional front-facing fireplace to our multi-sided models.

The Double Glass Heat Barrier. Then there’s Ortal’s revolutionary double glass heat barrier. Instead of one pane of glass, you get two panes separated by a thin ventilation layer. Small silent fans at the bottom of the unit bring air into the ventilation space. That lowers the temperature so the outer layer of glass remains cool to the touch.

Meanwhile, the fans blow extra heat into the room for added warmth. That means fire-gazers can cozy up to a flame that’s as warm as it is safe. With Ortal’s high-quality, clear glass, you’ll never know that two layers of glass stand between you and the fire.

Rediscover Your Love of the Flame with Ortal

Looking for a direct vent fireplace featuring Ortal’s state-of-the-art heat barrier solutions? Browse through our catalog to see a selection of the safest, most efficient, most innovative fireplaces on the market. You can also speak with one of our representatives to learn more about our dedication to safety and design.

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