The Hidden Costs of Fireplace Solutions


The Hidden Costs of Heat Damage

Fireplaces get hot. That’s why people buy them—to enjoy the warmth of the flickering flames—but, over time, the heat from those flames can damage surrounding walls. It also ruins artwork and destroys electronics. Circuits short. Materials warp and crack. Smoke leaves a layer of soot.

In the absence of Cool Wall Technology, heat damage can lead to significant repair costs. It also limits your design possibilities. Walls must be made of certain materials. Fireplaces must be constructed according to strict standards. TVs and artwork are a no-no. At least that’s how it used to be.

The Hidden Costs of Heat Shield Technology

These days, fireplace manufacturers have developed technology that keeps the temperature down and prevents damage to surrounding walls and objects. The only problem? With most manufacturers, you’ll have to pay thousands of dollars to add such a feature or to construct a mantel.

Want to protect your home from smoke? You may have to shell out even more money to install a power vent system. At the end of the day, the cost to install a gas fireplace insert that meets modern-day needs might be a lot more than you bargained for.

Yet, what if there were a fireplace solution that didn’t charge extra for heat release technology and direct vent systems?

Ortal Modern Fireplaces Are a Design-Friendly, Cost-Effective Solution

 At first glance, Ortal’s modern fireplaces may seem expensive when compared with some of their competitors. What you don’t see are the hidden costs that lurk beneath those shiny price tags—how much you’ll need to pay to purchase and install mantels, heat shift kits, and power vent systems.

With Ortal, you skip sneaky expenses. Each one of our modern fireplaces comes with our Cool Wall Technology, which keeps down the temperature of the surrounding walls.

Want to place a TV above your fireplace? No problem. Want to install your new fireplace in a wall made of non-traditional materials? That’s fine as well. Want a powerful vent that isn’t an eyesore? Our direct vent fireplaces blend seamlessly into any design.

No damage. No special construction materials. No mantels. No costly add-ons. Everything you need, at one simple price. That’s the Ortal difference. Go with a seemingly cheaper alternative, and you may end up paying thousands of dollars more to get the same level of protection and flexibility.

Contact us to learn more about why our state-of-the-art fireplaces are more cost-effective and more design-friendly than the alternatives.

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