The Unique Advantages of Corner Fireplaces


Unique Advantages of Corner FireplacesCorner fireplaces are among the most versatile of all hearth styles. A contemporary corner fireplace brings distinct advantages—it can be incorporated into small or tight spaces, and the angular, three-dimensional design adds visual interest to any room. Ahead we explore the advantages and possibilities of corner fireplaces.

A Beautiful Space-Saving Solution

Rather than taking up space in the center of a wall, corner fireplaces fit neatly into a curve. For small living rooms, such a space-saving solution may be necessary. In spacious living rooms, it frees up wall space on which you can hang artwork, place an entertainment unit, or add a bookshelf or curio cabinet. In studies or offices, corner fireplaces add warmth and architectural distinction without sacrificing valuable space.

A Discreet Companion

With a gas fireplace tucked neatly into the corner, the seating area can be arranged in the center of a living room to create a functional gathering and conversation space. The fireplace remains a key architectural element, but fades discreetly into the background to let the seating area take center stage.

The Ultimate in Cozy Living

Corner fireplaces aren’t restricted to the living room. In fact, they do their best work in other parts of the house. Tuck the fireplace into a bedroom nook to enhance the space. Grab a book, curl up in bed, and enjoy the dance of the flame. A corner fireplace is also a great companion in the kitchen. Its beauty and warmth creates an inspiring atmosphere as you cook and warms you as you enjoy meals on frosty mornings.

Gas FireplaceExpanded Possibilities with Corner Fireplaces

Corner fireplaces can be used on a single wall to create two distinct spaces (e.g. living room and dining area) in a space with an open floor plan. They can also be used to create two different seating areas in a single room. Here are some ideas for using a corner fireplace in your space:

  • Combine Design Elements: If the wall above the fireplace can accommodate a television/entertainment center, then merge the two focal points—fireplace and TV—into one (as in the image above). For those who like catching up on their favorite shows while they enjoy the fireplace, this is an ideal arrangement.
  • Choose a Focal Point: If the television/entertainment center and the fireplace are on separate walls, decide whether you prefer the fireplace or the television to serve as the centerpiece, and arrange your furniture accordingly. If the fireplace is the focal point, pull the furniture away from the wall and place it on the same angle as the corner where the fireplace sits for a more direct view of the hearth. If the TV is the center of attention, stick with a traditional arrangement.
  • Establish Two Separate Seating Areas: Spacious living rooms have an advantage—they provide enough room for two seating areas in a single space. Arrange most of your furniture around the entertainment center, and then create a smaller seating area around the fireplace with two oversized armchairs or a small loveseat.

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