Ortal’s Modular Fireplace: The Next Generation of Design


Ortal’s Modular Fireplace
Introducing the Modular Fireplace: More fireplace. Less clutter.

Humans have lit fires since the beginning of time. Once a matter of bare necessity—a source of warmth and a tool for cooking—fires have long since evolved into a symbol of modern comfort and luxury. Over the years, innovators like Ortal have pushed the limits of modern fireplace design. With each new modification, they become bigger, warmer, and more attractive. Now, Ortal is proud to announce the latest development: the modular fireplace.

What Is a Modular Fireplace?

Once upon a time, fireplaces came in one standard size and shape—a modest square or rectangle. No longer. Now you can design the fireplace of your dreams, in the size of your dreams. Ortal’s latest offering is made up of independent modules set side by side. Essentially, we’ve combined many fireplaces into one long fireplace, so you can order a unit that fits perfectly into any space. The end result is one stunning masterpiece that is as short or as long as your imagination can dream.

At Ortal, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. We customize each and every unit to fit your exact specifications. Then we install it piece by piece at the location. We won’t ship you one long, unwieldy fireplace that stands out awkwardly amid its surroundings. We won’t force you to endure a long and complicated installation process. All you get is a unit that fits snugly, perfectly in its environment.

How Does It Work?

The principle is simple. Each module is separated by glass, yet they come together to form one seamless masterpiece. Each module is the same size, yet there’s no limit to the number of pieces you can connect. And, since you can order as many modules as you wish, there will never be a mismatch between the fireplace and the space. Equipped with multiple vent pipes, burners, and gas valves, it can handle a large, burning fire with ease and grace. In other words, the new modular fireplace is as functional as it is beautiful.

A Fireplace for Any Space

The modular fireplace is perfect for larger or irregular spaces. It also provides plenty of room for customization. Looking for a fireplace that fits snugly into a large gathering space? Want a beautiful flame to grace a narrow hallway? Need a long fireplace for your luxury club, hotel, or restaurant? Dream of a warm fire in the bathroom? The length is limitless. The possibilities are endless.

No matter how big or small the space, Ortal can build a unit to suit your needs. On June 1st, we’ll even be showcasing our brand-new modular corner fireplace in the U.K. Perfect for those hard-to-fill corner spaces, it can extend outward on either side as far as needed.

A Fireplace for Any Style

It’s not just about maximizing space. It’s also about atmosphere. Fireplaces create drama. They spark interest. A flame is an invitation for warmth, cheer, and comfort. The newest addition to the Ortal lineup may well be the most attractive option yet—an interior designer’s dream.

Place a big screen TV above the fireplace if you want to mix entertainment and comfort. Top it off with a mantel for a more homey, classic look. Leave the fireplace alone if you prefer a minimalist effect. Whether you lean toward a more contemporary or a more traditional look, a modular fireplace can add the right kind of charm.

Ortal’s modular fireplace. You dream it. We’ll build it.

Want to Learn More?

Need more information about the available styles? Take a look at the links below:

Have other questions? Ready to order a modular fireplace? Give us a call today at 818-238-7000 to place your order. We also offer easy shipping and installation for a hassle-free process.

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