A Very Cool Fireplace Innovation



When it comes to designing a fireplace surround, there are few materials in an architect’s quiver. Those materials are exposed to temperatures that can crack marble or quartz. Tile can loosen and fall. The heat can cause paint to discolor or peel. Wood can warp, crack or even ignite.

Those limitations may be of no concern in a traditional design where brick or stone is preferred, but in most contemporary design with crisp, clean lines, those limitations are daunting.

Once again, Ortal innovations focused on overcoming design obstacles have changed all that. Our engineers have designed a way to remove that accumulates inside the fireplace chase to give architects and designers the freedom to use a nearly limitless
array of building materials as a fireplace surround.

With Ortal Cool Wall Technology, surrounds of quartz, marble, painted surfaces and even wood are entirely within the safe range. And unlike other fireplaces, these surround materials can be applied right up to the edge of the glass. The innovation also
makes it possible to hang art work or electronics above the firebox.

A Passive vs Active System
Often, the decision to add a fireplace in a room is about creating a relaxing ambiance and experience for the client. Unlike other companies that tout a cool surround option, Ortal Cool Wall Technology is a passive system with no noisy fans or blowers involved that can diminish the fireplace experience. With the Ortal system, there’s no need to design, build and wire a fan box in the wall.

The use of fans or blowers also eliminates the functionality of a fireplace by pulling heat from the fireplace and moving it outdoors. In other words, you’re left with a fireplace that no longer serves its primary function.

With Ortal, you’re able to enhance your design and create the desired ambiance while
ensuring that the fireplace provides warmth to the room, both literally and figuratively.

A Cooler Wall
At 0-6 inches above the firebox, competitor models can reach temperatures up to 380 degrees F while Ortal fireplaces with Cool Wall Technology are below 120 degrees F. A foot above the firebox, other fireplaces can still heat materials at temperatures up to 300 degrees. Ortal fireplaces are only 80 degrees F at 12 inches. View Infographic.

Not only do those results allow architects and designers to consider far more surround materials in a design, Cool Wall Technology also allows one more huge design advantage...

A Fireplace With A View
With Cool Wall Technology, interior designers can suggest hanging art work or electronics above the fireplace without concern. That makes it possible to place a large screen television safely above the firebox. And because Cool Wall Technology is passive system, there’s no noise from fans to compete with the sound system’s fidelity.

A benefit to architects, designers and homeowners alike, Ortal Cool Wall Technology opens the door to the visual design of a room that simply wasn’t possible before.


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