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Three Fireplaces, One Luxurious Mountain Home


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Popular Questions Customers Ask When Purchasing a Space Creator

Whether you have designed an open floor plan that could use a little structure or your client simply wants a statement piece in their home, a Space Creator Fireplace is an excellent solution. Rather than sitting flush against a wall, Space Creators extend perpendicularly from the wall or stand alone in the center of a room, creating separation and two distinct spaces.

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Compliance Checklist: Fireplace Codes and Other Resources for Builders

Fireplaces add beauty and comfort to a room, but they don’t come without safety concerns. Fortunately, a fireplace that is designed to meet building codes, installed to the manufacturer’s specifications, and properly maintained can provide a lifetime of safe heat and light. The responsibility lies with both designers and builders to ensure that any fireplace that’s installed follows these codes.

Although every jurisdiction is a little different and it’s always a smart idea to check local codes, these are some good starting points for understanding the regulatory requirements around fireplaces.

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How to Determine the Best-Fit Fireplace for Your Floor Plan

Unlike traditional fireplaces, which have certain design limitations, modern fireplaces allow you to work with a broad range of floor plans. Whether a client wants the fireplace to be a focal point of the room, an accent feature that blends in when not in use, or a functional feature that provides heat, where it fits in the floor plan matters.

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Steps to Selecting a Luxury Fireplace for Your Next Design Project

As a focal point of any room, a luxury fireplace should be selected with care. Anything that doesn’t seamlessly blend with the space, in terms of both quality and design, will stand out, and not in a good way. By working closely with clients and manufacturers, you have the ability to select the luxury fireplaces that meet all of your clients’ needs. On the plus side, there are plenty of luxury fireplace options available—more than ever before. However, not all of them are created equally.

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Gas vs. Wood Fireplace: How Dealers Can Help Homeowners Navigate the Buying Process

Fireplace dealers are often the primary source of information for homeowners who have questions about whether to get a gas or wood fireplace. Of course, every homeowner has different needs and a unique vision for their home. Being prepared with answers to the most commonly asked questions will help you steer customers to the best fit for them.

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5 Creative Ways to Earn AIA Credits

The design and construction industry is constantly evolving, which is one reason professionals must continue to learn and grow throughout their careers. Design professionals who belong to the AIA must earn a certain number of continuing education credits to maintain their membership credentials. Many states also require continuing education to renew licenses, and for designers who are not yet licensed, some AIA credits may count toward the experience prerequisite.

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A Historic Home Welcomes a Contemporary Ortal Fireplace

Photo by Christopher Stark (@christopherstark) 

“Without the Ortal fireplace, something would be missing.”

California-based designer Brigitte Wettstein of BW Design Studio was recently asked to create a contemporary interior for a historic San Francisco home—all while keeping the exterior intact. The designer still wanted the interior to reference the building’s original history, so she opted to install an Ortal Front 110 fireplace for its modern look contrasted with a black frame reminiscent of what she describes as “19th century black cast iron Victorian finishes.”

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5 Benefits of Incorporating Cool Wall Technology into your Fireplace Design

Many homeowners desire a space with a luxury fireplace as the focal point, especially when designing a new home. However, the limitations of conventional fireplaces can impact your ability to bring the design vision to life. Factors such as clearances and heat barriers can alter the intended design or prevent clients from using the space in the way they envision. For example, with a conventional fireplace, they might not be able to safely hang artwork or a television above it.

Cool Wall Technology opens up new possibilities, allowing you to design with more freedom. It also provides several long-term benefits to clients that go beyond the look and feel of luxury.

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5 Trends in Contemporary Living Room Design

Living room design has evolved over the decades from formal sitting rooms to a nexus of family entertainment to casual multipurpose rooms. One common thread throughout this evolution is that living room design is centered around creating spaces for people to gather. The elements in the space, finishes, and style of furniture all influence the look and feel of a living room. Whether the intent of the design is to create a strong first impression, to provide a cozy study space for the kids, to entertain guests, or all of the above, consider incorporating some of these five contemporary living room design ideas into your home.

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