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Can Ortal Help With Your Fireplace Plan? Check.

Project Planning Checklist

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Stay At The Top Of Your Game

Continuing Education AIA Credits

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Get Real: Reimagining the Wood Fire

900h-Front 31 with Dark Brown Logs

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Reaching New Heights in Fireplace Design

31H with Driftwood Media

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What Exactly Is Meant By “Traditional”?

In a typically traditional design, the fireplace style might seem predictable. Of course, due to pollution from wood smoke, burn bans, sustainability issues and simple heating efficiencies, a gas fireplace is likely to take the place of a wood-burning option, complete with a chimney, creosote and regular chimney sweepings.

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A Design Focal Point With Endless Possibilities

It’s probably safe to say that most architects and designers look for ways to express themselves in unique ways with products that allow some degree of customization. That’s not to say that a well-designed product won’t produce an ideal solution within a design, but it’s always a bonus when a product can offer extra design flexibility.

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A Very Cool Fireplace Innovation

When it comes to designing a fireplace surround, there are few materials in an architect’s quiver. Those materials are exposed to temperatures that can crack marble or quartz. Tile can loosen and fall. The heat can cause paint to discolor or peel. Wood can warp, crack or even ignite.

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A Powerful New Approach to Fireplace Placement

Architectural design and creativity have always been hampered by mechanical limitations.

There are two ways to react. First, you can accept the limitations and design within the convention. There’s hardly any shame in that. It’s 99 percent of good, responsible design.

But it can be frustrating to accept “it’s not done that way” or “it can’t be done” all the time. Which leads to the second approach, which starts with thinking of solutions that turn “can’t” into “can.”

When it comes to incorporating a luxury gas fireplace into a design, there are spaces in a structure where an installation simply won’t work. However, because Ortal engineers decided to take the second approach, you now have far greater design flexibility. As a result, it’s now possible for architects and designers to install luxury fireplaces in apartments, upstairs rooms, any room in a multi-level home, and other locations that were once off limits. Power venting is almost always the preferred solution in multifamily buildings. Power vent also allows a 90-degree elbow right off the top of the fireplace, allowing for “short chase” designs that allow a window right above the fireplace. This feature also allows a fireplace to be designed like a continuation of built-in furniture.

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Your Clients Can Enjoy the Aesthetic of a Fireplace Anytime.

We’re always looking for ways to extend the viability, efficiency and functionality of a luxury gas fireplace through innovative solutions. By developing our heat control system, we’ve found a way to accomplish that goal.

In essence, our engineers have worked to ensure that a fireplace can do more than provide heat in close proximity to it. To increase functionality or just enjoyment, it sometimes makes sense to move the heat a fireplace generates away from the area. When that process is done efficiently, it’s possible to heat a different room or remove heat so that a fireplace ambiance can be enjoyed when additional heat isn’t desirable.

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What Can We Offer Architects? In A Word, “Flexibility.”

The number of building products that architects and designers specify in a house or building is staggering. By working with professionals for many years, we’ve found they often need more than the right product. For that reason, Ortal puts a great deal of effort into offering even more than industry-leading innovations, and compelling fireplace designs by supporting architects with a range of services and support. That’s why we offer a “white glove” service that extends from your initial planning through installation and beyond. But even more than that, we concentrate our focus on design flexibility so we’re ready to work with you and help at every stage of a project.

Our consultants are available when you need assistance need at no charge.

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