Compliance Checklist: Fireplace Codes and Other Resources for Builders

Fireplaces add beauty and comfort to a room, but they don’t come without safety concerns. Fortunately, a fireplace that is designed to meet building codes, installed to the manufacturer’s specifications, and properly maintained can provide a lifetime of safe heat and light. The responsibility lies with both designers and builders to ensure that any fireplace that’s installed follows these codes.

Although every jurisdiction is a little different and it’s always a smart idea to check local codes, these are some good starting points for understanding the regulatory requirements around fireplaces.

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Understanding the California Building Code Part I: Fireplace Materials

The California Building Code is strict and comprehensive. It sets rigorous standards for the design, construction, and remodeling of buildings. There’s no detail too small to fall under its purview, and that includes fireplaces. Every time a builder or contractor installs a new fireplace in a California home, they must first check each feature to ensure that it complies with the regulations.

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