Wilderness Insert Fireplaces: An Unmatched, Worthwhile Change

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A New Way to Update an Old Fireplace: The Ortal Wilderness Insert

Since Ortal's conception, we have mastered the realm of direct vent gas fireplaces, bringing luxury products and unmatched flames to our markets. A large segment of the Hearth Industry revolves around wood burning fireplaces. More and more these fireplaces are in need of updates as homes become more energy efficient. Whether your fireplace is functioning woodburning, a non-functioning wood burning, has gas logs, or a dated Insert, you should consider a change.

Not only are all the options above limited in their capabilities (“on” and “off” are likely the only two functions), there may be safety issues and energy efficiency may be poor. Many old gas fireplaces are only about 10 percent efficient in their heat transfer. 

From a style point of view, an old gas fireplace also tends to date a home in much the same way as old wood paneling and textured avocado green carpeting. While those two examples have likely been replaced over the years, there’s a good chance that original fireplace is still in place because fireplaces can feel daunting. 

A new Ortal Wilderness Insert is an ideal, cost-effective solution that will upgrade the beauty, functionality, efficiency and safety of an existing woodburning/gas fireplace that has a chimney. Two sizes are available – 29 inch and 34 inch.  These fit into most standard masonry fireplace spaces. In the Wilderness Insert Catalog and webpage, resources are available to help measure and determine which size best fits your space. Both sizes are available for natural gas and propane applications. 

Beauty and Style
Many early, and even current gas fireplaces have a flame pattern that looks very unrealistic, often rising out of a ribbon burner in a straight line at a uniform height and appearing disconnected from any internal media. The new Wilderness Insert features the exclusive, patent-pending Wilderness Collection burner with its through-the-log technology. The result is an ultra-realistic flame that emanates from the log, creating the look of a wood-burning fireplace in a way that no other gas fireplace can match. Internal ember and top lights that help turn a fireplace into a beautiful room focal point. 


The Wilderness insert is something you can do to create safety in your home. Woodburning fireplaces and gas logs create safety hazards for families. Both sizes are equipped with anti-reflective glass and an invisible mesh screen, providing heat while protecting family members from open flames. Whether it be young children, or peace of mind going to bed...inserts are safer.

The two insert sizes offer great heat capabilities. The 29-inch provides 30,000 BTUs, and the 34-inch provides 35,000 BTUs. Ortal has enhanced the insert’s efficiency with a unique, innovative fan that assures ideal heat distribution into a room.  A special feature is that the logs can turn off, and ember flames can burn alone. This option will take the already low BTU rating and cut it in half. 

Great for Power Outages
The Wilderness Insert does not require power in order to function. In addition to its beautiful style any time, warmth, comfort and peace-of-mind during disturbing winter power outages is available with an easily accessible battery back up.

There are many ways to change the appearance of the Wilderness Insert. Ortal has strived to provide options appealing to homeowner preferences. Five surround options are available to provide a clean sealed look. Options continue with three frame colors: antique-bronze, black and brushed chrome.  
There are six possible interior panels that can be specified, including a black reflective panel. Finally Wilderness log options include dark brown and chopped wood

Remodel, Renovate or Just Upgrade
The new Ortal insert can add update a home with beauty and efficiency. It’s an ideal way to entirely change the look of an old, tired fireplace and bring it up to date. Whether this appliance change is included in remodel that incorporates new chimney finishes, or a simple remodel, this insert has the power to transform a space all on its own. It is a quick,  efficient and simple upgrade. Most installations are under three hours. The style, efficient warmth, safety and control makes the Wilderness Insert a well worth while the investment.


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