Can Ortal Help With Your Fireplace Plan? Check.


Project Planning Checklist

We understand that the number of products you specify over the course of any project is daunting. In part, that’s why we concentrate a great deal of effort on supporting architects and designers with dedicated consultants who can help at any step of a project, beginning to end. Those A&D “white glove” services are available to you for free whether you need virtual or on-site consultation, a red-line review of your drawings and much more. It’s easy to connect with our A&D consultants

Other times, you may need specification information or other online resources, so we’ve made it easy for you to access them on our site. In addition, there’s one more resource we’ve put together to help you work efficiently.

A Free Planning Checklist
The planning involved in the installation of a built-in wall fireplace can be complicated and involves many steps and considerations. That’s why we’ve built a planning checklist for architects that simplifies the process and walks them through it step-by-step. It’s a free download here

This guide will walk you through the following steps: 
  • Choosing a fireplace
  • Fireplace placement
  • Planning a vent pipe run
  • Designing a heat release
  • Designing an air intake
  • Locating an access panel
  • Designing the wall

At any stage, feel free to contact us. Our A&D consultants are here for one reason: to help you. 

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