Beyond the Living Room: 6 Unique Fireplace Ideas


When you think of a fireplace, you think of the living room or perhaps the family room. Yet the modern fireplace, with its infinite design possibilities, has so much more potential. With Ortal’s advanced technology, there’s no longer a limit to where you can place it.

Fortunately, more designers and homeowners are thinking beyond the living room and getting creative with their fireplace ideas. From the kitchen to the patio, from the entryway to the bathroom, nearly every nook and cranny in the house could benefit from a gas fireplace. To help you on the inspiration front, we’ve listed a few places in the home that could use a little extra warmth and beauty.

The Kitchen                                                                             

A few decades ago, the kitchen lingered in no-man’s land—a forgotten room. It was the place you went to microwave instant meals and store junk mail.

Today, thanks to the popularity of cooking shows and healthy eating lifestyles, it has become the center of the home. It’s where people gather to chat and cook homemade fare. As more residents migrate to their kitchens, it’s no wonder they’re bringing their creature comforts with them.

As for fireplace designs, the sky is the limit. You can install a front-facing unit in the heart of the kitchen, where it doubles as a sort of appliance, keeping you warm on winter mornings and evenings when even a warm bowl of oatmeal or soup can’t keep the chill at bay.

Many people prefer to place a full fireplace to the side of the nook or eating area to act as a second focal and gathering point. For smaller or more rustic kitchens, freestanding fireplaces, with their classic boxy design, add just the right amount of charm.

The Bathroom

You might not put bathrooms and fireplaces together, yet a little flame can add so much to a spacious master bath. First, there’s the obvious: A fireplace can help you overcome that brrr moment … you know—that moment after you step out of the bath but before you wrap yourself in a warm towel.

Of course, with today’s design possibilities, a bathroom fireplace is more than just a supplement to your central heating system. It can transform the room from a merely functional area into a relaxing spa-like environment, adding a luxurious touch to the most private space in the house.

The Backyard

The desire for outdoor fireplaces has kept pace with a tendency to build ever-more magnificent patios and backyards, and, with the advent of the outdoor-indoor fireplace, homeowners and business establishments can get the ultimate luxury. In addition to providing much-needed warmth, a fire adds dimensionality, transforming an ordinary patio into a refuge of grace and style. Indoor-outdoor fireplaces pull double duty, warming both the interior and the exterior while creating a sense of unity between spaces.

The Bedroom

A bedroom fireplace can offer both coziness and romance, depending on your mood. Whether you want to curl up with a book or with someone special, a bedroom fireplace sets the mood and creates the scene like nothing else can.

There are enough design choices to fit any space. From modernist chic to cottage-style hominess, the right fireplace can enhance the style of the room throughout the year, even in the warmer months when it gets used less often.

The Office

Fireplaces have graced home studies and libraries for centuries, creating a sense of grandeur and comfort in what might otherwise be a down-to-business kind of space. With more and more people working from home for at least part of the week, comfort has become a top priority.

If you’re looking for ways to make your office spaces more inviting, it might be time to create a little seating area and throw in a modern fireplace for good measure. Don’t have room for a few extra chairs and a full fireplace? Install a smaller model next to or behind the desk to get a similar effect without maxing out your space limit.

Reimagining Interior Design

Living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms. Designers have only begun to scratch the surface when it comes to fireplace design. The boldest ones are branching out into entryways, hallways, and other in-between spaces, wherever they feel the need to add a bit of warmth and visual appeal. Visit our gallery to gather more fireplace ideas.

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