Five Reasons Fireplaces Will Never Go Out of Style


Why do people still thrill at the sight of a fireplace? Why do fireplace designs still have the power to captivate? Why do they still raise the value of any home? Why will they never, ever go out of style? Here are five reasons the fireplace is the most enduring feature of the home.

The Beauty

Fireplaces possess an unparalleled charm. Whether you’re curled up next to a warm fire in the middle of winter or simply enjoying the architectural beauty of the piece in the summer, fireplaces act as a focal point, drawing the eye and completing the design of the room. When the flame dances in the firebox, the beauty is unmistakable. At the end of the day, only an indoor fireplace can create that special ambiance—romantic, cozy, and magical.

The Warmth

During cold winter months, is there anything cozier than snuggling up next to a warm fire? Even with the invention of modern central heating, homeowners still enjoy the warmth of a real fire—a fire they can see with their own eyes—as opposed to an invisible system that circulates air. One thing is clear: No matter how fast or how far technology progresses, the traditional warmth of a cozy fireplace will never go out of style.

The Evolution

Style changes. Tastes evolve. What’s popular one day might be out the next. The good news is that fireplace manufacturers like Ortal are always going back to the drawing board, creating new designs that meet the challenges (and desires) of all buyers. The open recess style evolved into the traditional mantle and hearth; now, the modern frameless fireplace provides a clean, contemporary design that can adapt to a variety of styles.

The Versatility

Traditionally, fireplaces belonged in the living room or family room of a home. You might have even seen them in a few kitchens here and there. Beyond that? Few even dared to think about it, largely because of building code restrictions and construction hurdles.

A Clear 200 Tunnel Fireplace A Clear 200 Tunnel Fireplace

These days, with state-of-the-art technology like Ortal’s exclusive Power Vent technology, designers and architects can place a fireplace nearly everywhere— in bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms, even condos and apartments. You can install them in patios and on porches, in between spaces, and underneath stairs. Whatever your vision, there’s a fireplace that can help. You realize it.

The Efficiency

If modern gas fireplaces were as dirty and inefficient as the wood-burning models of the past, people would have abandoned them long ago. Fortunately, the latest direct-vent gas fireplaces are marvels of efficiency. No soot, no ash, no smoke, no wasted air. Only a beautiful, clean-burning fire – which means more efficiency and less maintenance.

Decor that never goes out of style? An architectural feature that never loses its appeal? It’s not a mirage. It’s not a fantasy. It’s called a fireplace—as enduring as it is useful, as timeless as it is stylish—and, with Ortal’s state-of-the-art modern direct vent fireplaces, there’s no limit to the possibilities.

Interested in the timeless warmth and versatile energy of a direct-vent gas fireplace? Find a local Ortal dealer.

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