Designers: Your Clients are Looking for these Luxury Home Interior Features


Whether you are designing a grand country house, an elegant suburban home, or a sophisticated condo in the city, your clients want certain luxury home interior features. Even if they don’t express it, they want people to walk into their homes and be impressed with their tasteful choices. They also want to be surrounded with fixtures and features that provide convenience and comfort, without compromising on style.

As a designer, you can help your clients make the luxury home interior selections that will delight them for a lifetime. Consider detailing all of these features for your luxury clients; they might not even know they want them until they see your drawings. 

Luxurious Materials

Luxury home clients want nothing but the best, and this extends to every small detail, including the materials used to design interiors. Modern trends include:

  • Accent walls that incorporate the texture of wood, stone, tile, leather, or modern wallpaper with unique prints
  • Flooring made from hardwood or marble, imported rugs, or specialty tile
  • Vintage fixtures and door hardware
  • Rich fabrics for window treatments and furnishings

A Luxury Fireplace

A fireplace is the heart of any home, no matter what finish level is desired. With high-end projects, the challenge is to specify a fireplace that doesn’t restrict your ability to design the other luxury home interior features your client wants. The modern gas fireplaces
that Ortal offers meet this requirement with features such as:

  • Cool Wall Technology that allows you to use a broad range of materials for the surround and lets clients safely hang artwork above the fireplace
  • Integrated lighting solutions that enhance your overall lighting design
  • Heat barriers that ensure a safe temperature for occupants and their pets
  • Smart home features that can be integrated to enable remote control of the flame and lights

Contemporary gas fireplaces also allow you to bring the outside in. When you want to highlight an outdoor feature, an indoor/outdoor fireplace makes the ultimate statement of luxury. 

Considering a luxury fireplace for your next project but want to learn more  before you decide?Download our Buyer’s Guide for selecting a luxury fireplace.  >>

Refined Lighting

A beautifully designed space can quickly be ruined with harsh lighting, and for many designers, lighting is an afterthought. On the other hand, a thoughtful lighting design can enhance the surrounding elements that have been so carefully selected. Consider the location and type of light fixtures, dimmable lighting solutions, and the types of bulbs used to create the desired aesthetic.

Elegant Artwork

The artwork displayed in a home speaks volumes about the people who live in it. Many luxury home clients have pieces they want to display either on the walls or elsewhere in a room. In some cases, you might have to design around specific statement pieces to ensure that the color palette in the room doesn’t clash with the artwork. This is another area where lighting considerations are important if you want to appropriately highlight pieces without creating a glare. If your clients want to hang artwork above a fireplace, selecting the right unit is critical to protect it from ambient heat.

Prioritized Pets

Man’s best friend also has a say in which luxury home interior features should be included. Dog wash areas, grooming stations, luxury crates, elevated dog beds, specialized cat doors, and hidden litter boxes are a few examples of the types of features your clients might want in their homes. Pet owners are also concerned about the safety of their animals, so this should be incorporated into any design feature you are considering.

Smart Home Features

Luxury clients expect the features in their homes to provide a level of convenience, and this is easier than ever with smart home features. Jet-setters need web-enabled solutions that allow people to control features from their smartphones anywhere in the world. Look for products with remote and/or voice control for lighting, door locks, garage doors, thermostats, music, and fireplaces.  

A Taste of the Outdoors

Luxury home interior choices cannot ignore the outdoors. Whether capitalizing on a spectacular mountain view or showing a glimpse of the crystal-clear pool, interior designers must also consider how the space interacts with the outdoors. Natural light, views, privacy, and window treatments all play a role in the look and feel of a room. Features such as built-in window seats, solar shades that respond to voice controls, indoor/outdoor fireplaces, and seamless sliding doors that open to a deck or balcony allow you to take advantage of the surrounding natural scenery.  

Choosing the Right Luxury Fireplace

The key to luxury home interior design is finding the balance between elegance, comfort, and convenience. Specifying materials and features that incorporate your clients’ unique tastes while also delivering a true luxury experience requires deep knowledge of the products that are available. When it comes to luxury fireplaces, although many of them might look similar, they are not all designed with equal features and functions. So note the differences and select the one that provides not just a luxury look, but also a luxury experience. For more information about what to look for in a luxury fireplace, download the Ortal Buyer’s Guide: Selecting a Luxury Fireplace for Your Next Project.


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