How to Find the Most Efficient Direct Vent Gas Fireplace for Your Next Project


All types of clients, both commercial and residential, prioritize efficiency. Whether they are conscious of their consumption for environmental reasons or want to minimize overhead costs, specifying the most efficient direct vent gas fireplace can help them meet their goals. direct vent technology takes in combustion air from the outside and expels the exhaust outside while delivering heat to the surrounding space. 

Fireplaces that use this technology operate efficiently, consuming less fuel than other types of units. Of course, every manufacturer uses different systems for direct venting, so finding the most efficient one takes a little research.   


Advantages of a Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Although many people love the idea of a traditional wood-burning fireplace with a roaring flame, it’s not an appropriate solution for every home or commercial space. Specifying a gas fireplace with direct vent technology offers several advantages to both designers and owners.


direct vent fireplaces do not require a traditional chimney or masonry surround, enabling more design freedom. They can be vented horizontally or vertically, which expands your options for placement in a room and allows you to work around other features in the space. Smaller clearance areas also allow clients to place furniture closer to the hearth, freeing up valuable floor space, especially in smaller rooms.


Gas fireplaces provide comfortable heat without the work required to maintain a wood-burning fireplace. There is no messy wood to haul and no ash or embers that might damage floors or furnishings. Gas fireplaces also turn on with the touch of a button, which makes it easier to enjoy the fireplace on a regular basis.

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Air Quality 

Wood-burning systems release 28 times more fine particulates than direct vent fireplaces. Because the fireplace is sealed from the room using a glass front, the combustion air is not drawn in from the room and will not affect the air quality inside the home.


Wood-burning units provide little or no protection from burns, but direct vent systems have a glass barrier that reduces the temperature so that it is safe to briefly touch. Wood-burning fireplaces also have the potential to throw embers, which not only damage floors but also present a fire risk.


Traditional wood-burning fireplaces lose as much as 85 percent of their heat through the chimney. Gas fireplaces are more energy-efficient, consuming less fuel and burning more cleanly. 

How to Find the Most Efficient direct vent Gas Fireplace

Once you and your clients have decided that a direct vent gas fireplace is the way to go, the question is which brand to choose. Consider some of the unique features Ortal offers when making your decision.

Burner Design 

Not all direct vent systems are the same, even if the style looks similar. Take a look behind the scenes to ensure that you are choosing the most efficient burner design. Ortal uses an innovative burner design for the cleanest possible use of gas, which means lower emissions and lower utility bills for your clients, while maintaining a realistic flame.  

Sealed Box 

Other gas fireplace models provide heat by allowing air to escape through ports in the firebox or through an open hearth. Ortal fireplaces feature a sealed glass front and innovative direct vent system. This combination of features allows them to retain more heat while safely venting exhaust at the same time. The sealed glass front also ensures that combustion air is not drawn in from the room, so having an Ortal fireplace will not affect the air quality inside your clients’ homes.

Efficient Flue Design

Ortal’s efficiently designed co-axial flue system has an exhaust pipe that is nested inside the fresh air intake pipe, which draws cool air in from the outdoors. The cooler fresh air is heated inside the firebox while combustion gases and residual hot air is expelled through the exhaust pipe to the outdoors. This creates a natural convection loop that allows radiant heat to efficiently warm spaces without any air exchange indoors.

Choose Ortal for Your Next direct vent Fireplace

Ortal offers the most efficient direct vent gas fireplaces on the market, and our fireplaces are certified by CSA Group, the No. 1 provider of testing and certification for gas appliances in North America. Direct venting is not the only feature that makes Ortal stand out from the competition. When direct venting is combined with power venting and Cool Wall Technology, Ortal delivers ultimate design versatility. Schedule a meeting to learn more about Ortal’s unique features and how they can benefit your clients.

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