Feature Analysis: Finding The Best Gas Fireplace For Your Client


Once you’ve gone through the schematic design process and decided that your client wants to include a fireplace, you have to decide which model is right. Choosing the best gas fireplace for your design isn’t always easy. There are plenty of options available, and not all of them have the same features. Analyzing the following key features can help you come to a decision that both honors your design and ensures that your clients get exactly what they want.

Design: Moran Gozali 

Modern Design

If your design has a modern aesthetic, or even if you want to modernize a traditional design, the fireplace can make all the difference. Look for a manufacturer that offers fireplaces with clean lines and frameless options. Remember that modern gas fireplaces are not limited to a traditional front-facing look. They can be in the center of the room, be used to divide spaces, have a see-through design, or be complemented with materials that are not limited to just brick and stone. Linear and corner viewing options are also possible when you create a custom design, allowing your clients to have a fireplace like no other.

Viewing Areas

The best gas fireplace for your client might be one that is not flush with the floor or limited to the standard dimensions of a traditional fireplace. Although it wasn’t always possible to customize this feature with a stone hearth, modern fireplaces have more options. For example, you can put a gas fireplace on a platform so that the viewing area is elevated. With a large enough platform (and a fireplace that uses Cool Wall Technology and double-glass heat barriers), you can also create a unique seating area or place artwork at the same level as the flame. In addition to raising the level of the flame, the opening can be extended vertically to make the viewing area even taller. The viewing area can also be extended horizontally to create a long, sleek look.

Safety Barriers

Safety is obviously a top priority, but safety glass and screens can impact the way a fireplace looks. A sleek, frameless fireplace can suddenly have a different look with a clunky mesh screen. For a minimal effect on the design, look for a fireplace with either a double-glass barrier or a micro-mesh screen that aligns with the interior glass. With heat barrier solutions that enable ambient warmth and surface temperatures that are safe to touch, your clients can be confident that their family is protected.

Cool Wall Technology

Many modern gas fireplaces incorporate technology that keeps the surrounding walls cool. This enables clients to hang artwork or a TV above. Designers also have more freedom to use a range of materials on the wall, and a mantel is not required. However, with many manufacturers, having a cool wall means sacrificing ambient heat and comfort because most of the heat is vented away. With Ortal’s patented Cool Wall Technology, clients get the best of both worlds—a cool wall and a functional fireplace.

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Indoor/Outdoor Features

If your design includes notable exterior highlights or a stunning view, take advantage of these features with an Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace. Clients can enjoy their fireplace both inside and outside, and it will surely be a statement piece. The best part is that clients maintain interior comfort while enjoying a fireplace that connects them to the outdoors.

Clearance Zones

Many modern gas fireplaces allow you to eliminate noncombustible clearance zones. This means more design flexibility—multiple types of materials can be used, and room layouts are not limited by the location of the fireplace. Clients also get the benefit of being able to place furniture and other items wherever they want to in the room.

Smart Home Integrations

If your client is incorporating other smart home features into their space, why not include the fireplace? Many modern fireplaces have remote on/off options and thermostatic control. A fireplace that offers these options perfectly complements a modern smart home.

Compare Multiple Manufacturers

Finding the best gas fireplace requires identifying the manufacturers that offer the design style you want and the features that will provide the best experience for your clients. Take the time to evaluate multiple options so you can be sure you’re specifying only the best for your clients. When searching for the right model to specify, evaluate all of the features and make sure that they check every box—safety, style, comfort, and convenience. To learn more about selecting the best gas fireplace, read our Buyer’s Guide: Selecting a Luxury Fireplace for Your Next Project. 


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