The Future of Fireplaces: What Will the Next 5 Years Bring?


Interior design trends come and go, but the fireplace remains an eternal fixture of any gathering space. Of course, like all design elements, fireplaces evolve. Over the past few years, modern gas fireplaces have replaced traditional wood-burning models, and superior technology continues to break down design obstacles. So, what will the next five years bring? Here are a few up-and-coming trends in fireplace design.

Heat Barriers Keep Getting Better

That high-quality glass that encloses each Ortal fireplace not only looks beautiful, it also keeps heat and air from escaping, thereby improving efficiency. Of course, glass gets hot, and that’s why every fireplace must come equipped with some sort of heat barrier.

Historically, safety screens were a designer’s nightmare, blocking the view and detracting from an otherwise clean design. Fortunately, those protective barriers continue to improve over time as technology progresses.

Take Ortal’s safety technology. In addition to our nearly invisible mesh screens, we’ve developed an optional, state-of-the-art double glass heat barrier solution. Instead of one piece of glass, you get two. A thin space separates the two panes, and it’s ventilated by small fans located at the base of the fireplace.

That ventilation air brings the temperature of the outer glass down to a safer level without obstructing the view of the flame. The best part? Ambient heat can still pass through and heat the room. That means you get warmth and safety in one beautiful package. Over the next five years, expect more homes and establishments to take advantage of this latest trend in fireplace design.

Goodbye, Large Clearance Zones

Try placing a television above any old fireplace, and you’ll soon discover the meaning of the word “folly.” If the electronics don’t malfunction after repeated exposure to the heat, then the TV itself may warp, crack, and bend.

Priceless works of art? Valuable décor? Don’t even think about it. In the past, if you wanted a fireplace, you had to give up an entire wall to get it. The required clearance zones were too large, and the technology wasn’t up to par.

Then came Ortal’s Cool Wall Technology. Designed to keep the surrounding walls at a reasonable temperature, our innovative cooling system eliminates one of the biggest design hurdles facing homeowners and business establishments—that dead space above the fireplace. Soon, wasted space will be a thing of the past. With Ortal’s Cool Wall Technology, the future is now.

Keep Your Eye Out for Curves

If you want to stay ahead of the curve, you might want to invest in a curved fireplace. As more and more people look for clever (and attractive) ways to save space, these delightful, wrap-around models will only become more popular.

Featuring an old-school, wood-burning-stove look and an up-to-date, compact design, Ortal’s curved fireplaces have all the charm and functionality you could want. Contemporary and elegant, the curved fireplace offers a simple, yet post-minimalist look. Don’t be surprised if you see these popping up in more and more restaurants, bars, hotels, and homes across the world.

Bring Any Room Together with a Modern Fireplace

Ortal boasts a long legacy of luxury, design, quality, and safety. We continue to stay ahead of the latest interior design trends and pioneer newer and better fireplace technology. The result is more convenience, more efficient technology, and infinite design possibilities. Take a look at our gallery to see what the latest and best modern fireplaces can do for your interior.

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