How to Make Cozy Bedroom for the New Year


The new year is here. 2016 is gone. Let’s be honest, you probably ended 2016 with a messy room. It’s understandable, all those holiday parties and new year parties. Now we are at the tail end of the winter season. Depending on where you live, this could mean snow, rain or even sunshine. Sorry sunshine states, we are going to focus on the cold weather states. 2017 should start off on the right foot. Let’s just clean that room already. Put away that sparkly dress or that suit and tie you were forced to wear.

Now that your room is clean or going to be cleaned, we can focus on the revamp of your room for the new year. Winter is here and your room should reflect that. There’s nothing more comforting than coming back home from a long workday than an inviting room. You should be able to enjoy a cozy bedroom, serene and warm during these chilly nights. Make your room a destination. Make it as unique as you are by accompanying the room with all different style ideas. What other time is better to achieve your dream room than during the beginning of the new year? Decor and other factors play huge roles in making your room truly your own.

Imagine a theme in your mind. What’s your aesthetic? Do you love the simplistic style of neutral tones or the bright essence of color? Either way, you choose. Customize the cosmetic side of your room to bring it all together. Make your room something to enjoy as you spend time in your new 2017 room.

One such item that is not part of the cosmetic side of the room, but is a huge crucial fixture is a beautiful gas fireplace. The ultimate winter essential for your new, cozy bedroom.

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Picture, you come home after a long rainy day spent at work. You get into your house and it’s freezing cold from being isolated all day. Your next stop is your room. Now in 2016, your room was lacking something during the first months of winter, but you just couldn’t quite put your finger on it. That was a fireplace. A warm, heat inducing gem residing in your room. Imagine how rare and unique your room would feel with a fireplace. Remember that vacation you took to a small town and whose room that had a gas fireplace? The feeling of coming back from a chilly night and lighting that fire was unmatched. Warmth was key. Maybe you remember that one trip up to the mountains where you had a cabin with a cozy bedroom fireplace. The sweet memory of a fire on a vacation or retreat can be revisited by lighting a fire in your room.

Take yourself back to a calm moment on vacation or a memory of childhood, as you light your fire. Maybe you have one in the living room, but what good does that do you before you go to bed? The warmth should be centralized in your room as you drift off in a cozy slumber.


The styles could be as individualistic as you’d like to make them. The fireplace could be modern and sleek to fit your industrial-meets-homey aesthetic. The fireplace could be simplistic and cozy to match your classic aesthetic. A fireplace could also be used as a statement piece with a unique island design as it becomes the centerpiece that ties everything together. The fireplace could be a corner or three-sided design to keep the flow of the room fluid.

Another aspect of a fireplace that you would have to determine would be if it were to be wood, gas or electric powered. Now wood needs a chimney, which depending on your room, would determine whether or not you can have one. Another limiting option would be an electric powered fireplace. What if the power is cut? You wouldn’t be able to enjoy your fireplace. One option that is most efficient and easy to use would be a gas fireplace. Enjoy your fire however you’d prefer. Dim the lights and enjoy the view of the dancing flames in the fireplace as you come inside from your long day.

Additional Accessories

Another way to warm up your room would be to redo your bedding. Change the sheets and start fresh with a brand-new design. Add blankets and pillows to soften and accessorize the room. Find different textured blankets to cuddle up with and throw on your bed. Get your optimal pillow countdown. Maybe you’re a one pillow type person with no hassle to be had. Maybe you’re a double pillow type person. Maybe you’ve grown accustomed to around four or more pillows, no judgment. Surround yourself with as many or as little as you’d like for your most comfortable sleep.

You could also add a piece furniture like a small loveseat or small couch to place by your new fireplace. A place close to the action to curl up and read a book or to enjoy the latest television show you are binge watching.

A cozy bedroom can promote extreme comfort, so be fair warned of the consequences. Enjoy your new fireplace and decor handpicked by you, for you. Make your 2017 the comfiest year yet.

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