Ortal Modern Fireplace Graces Restaurant at Landmark Ski Hotel in Quebec


Ortal recently partnered with DesignAgency on the installation of a contemporary Ortal fireplace at the Fairmont Tremblant, a landmark ski-in, ski-out hotel in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec.

ortal standalone fireplace at choux gras restaurantThe award-winning Toronto-based design firm was commissioned to revamp the popular hotel’s brasserie, Choux Gras, whose menu features high-quality fresh, local, and seasonal fare.

The firm had specific requirements for the fireplace. They needed a model that was visible from all sides since it was specifically planned to be at the heart of the restaurant for all to enjoy.

The fireplace also needed a gas connection to meet safety requirements for the public space.

And they wanted a contemporary, minimal design that quietly enhanced the beautiful views of the surrounding mountain village.

The general contractor on the project recommended Ortal to the design firm, and a partnership was born.

Familiar with Ortal’s extensive selection of direct-vent fireplaces, the general contractor knew Ortal would have a model perfectly suited to the space. The contractor was right.

Ortal worked closely with DesignAgency and the general contractor to provide a product that was best suited to address the restaurant’s budget and time challenges.

We recommended a standalone model with a simple yet elegant design that was suited for gas connection and would complement the interior of the restaurant. The designer chose the impactful Stand Alone Curve Tunnel fireplace including campfire logs with beige embers from Ortal’s robust selection of interior media.

Ortal provided the contractor and designer with start-to-finish project support, including full specs, thorough installation manuals, and unlimited phone and email support. With our strong dealer partner in Montreal, Foyer Universel, the team was able to bring this dream fireplace design to reality.

Here’s how DesignAgency describes the revitalized Choux Gras:

floor to ceiling view of ortal standalone fireplace at choux gras restaurant

“Set against the backdrop of the Laurentian Mountains, guests enjoy wall-to-wall views of the majestic mountains while indulging in a high-end dining experience with an elegant yet relaxed ambiance. Warm wood and industrial elements are perfectly balanced with natural stone and brass accents to create a cozy yet elegant space. The plush banquettes and warm glow created by custom light fixtures and the central round fireplace provides the perfect space for an intimate dining environment.”

Ortal’s Direct-Vent Technology

Like all Ortal fireplaces, the standalone model chosen for Choux Gras features direct-vent technology, which takes in combustion air from the outside and expels the exhaust outside.

Ortal’s innovative co-axial flue system nests the exhaust pipe inside the fresh air intake pipe for a cleaner, simpler design.

And, since the fireplace is sealed off from the room using a 360-degree glass panel, the combustion air is not drawn from the room and does not impact the restaurant’s air quality.

The team at Ortal is thrilled that our standalone fireplace has helped elevate the dining space at the Fairmont Tremblant’s Choux Gras restaurant—we hope it provides enjoyment for the many thousands of visitors to the hotel in the years ahead.

Learn more about the many advantages of Ortal gas fireplaces, and view our gallery to see our extensive collection of fireplace designs.

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