The Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Design Inspiration


Looking for inspiration for your next major interior design project, or want ideas to help you freshen up your space? Instagram is the place to find it.

The days of flipping through stacks of glossy magazines to find inspiring new design ideas are fading. Today more and more designers are using sites like Instagram and Pinterest to showcase their work and highlight their own sources of inspiration.

The team at Ortal presents its top 10 must-follow Instagram accounts for design inspiration.

Covering all things design in 14 cities across the U.S.—from Philly to Miami to the City of Angeles—Curbed draws inspiration from architectural marvels, public spaces, and private homes.


Waves ?. (? @j.vilanova )

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Alice Rawsthorn
A celebrated design critic and writer for the International New York Times, Alice Rawsthorn’s posts on Instagram include often-lengthy anecdotes about the historical context behind the images she chooses—each is like a mini history lesson in itself.


Design Codes - 5. One of the most eloquent forms of design coding throughout history has been clothing. Specific garments or ways of dressing can be laden with political meaning: like the red “liberty caps" worn by the supporters of the French Revolution; the purple, white and green ribbons that symbolised the suffragette movement in early 1900s Britain; and the long dhoti loincloths worn by Mahatma Gandhi and his followers as coded signals of support for India’s struggle for independence throughout the first half of the 20th century. Dating back to the Vedic period from 1500 to 500 BC, a dhoti is as a single piece of unstitched rectangular cloth that can be draped and folded around the wearer’s waist and between their legs to create a cooler, lighter alternative to Western trousers. Gandhi and his followers wore their dhotis as badges of patriotic pride in their country and its history, and declarations of self-sufficiency, during the long campaign for independence, including one of his epic acts of non-violent protest, the Salt March across Western India, which started on 12 March 1930 and covered 241 miles in 24 days. #design #designcode #dhoti #mahatmagandhi #indianindependence #saltmarch #crackthecode

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Cooper Hewitt
Hewitt’s posts highlighting the latest exhibitions, artifacts, and events at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum (the only museum in the U.S. dedicated exclusively to design) are ideal for drawing new inspiration.

Justina Blakeney Home
Her Instagram tagline “Let’s get all jungalicious” couldn’t be more appropriate for Justina Blakeney’s designs. Bright bold colors and eye-catching patterns (with an emphasis on plants and nature) typify her signature bohemian style. If you love color, rich texture, and patterns, Blakeley’s Instagram account is a must-follow.


So much prettiness from @alysestudios makin' our #ajawallpaper look rilllll good ? ??? #justinaxhyggeandwest #justinablakeneyhome

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Victoria Smith (@sfgirlbybay)
Blogger and photographer Victoria Smith has a minimalist sensibility when it comes to interior design. A talented photographer with a gift for composition and framing, Smith’s posts tend to focus on architectural features, street scenes, and unusual sites, with a focus on pops of color in everyday scenes.


our home away from home. for the moment. #sfgbbremodel

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Jenny Komenda
Not afraid to use color, bold patterns, and textures, Jenny Komenda’s designs are as comfortable and inviting as they are stylish. Her eclectic style beautifully blends modern pieces with antiques.

Light, airy, and classic describe the style of interior design blogger and home furnishings designer Coco. You’ll find plenty of images on Coco’s Instagram account featuring designs that emphasize minimalist colors—black, whites, and neutrals.

Kate Arends (@witanddelight)
Designer Kate Arends is master at blending masculine and feminine in her designs. A Renaissance woman of sorts, Arends is a graphic designer, blogger, marketing coordinator, and designer all in one. She has a wealth of experience under her belt, and it shows in her sophisticated yet approachable style.


Minneapolis feels more like Palm Springs did back in December. This winter is weak. ?? #latergram #palmsprings

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Pitsou Kedem
Modern to the core, Pitsou Kedem Architect designs are based on the principles of restricted formality and minimalism. You’ll find design inspiration for all things modern on Pitsou’s Instagram page.


DO House. Cut in the concrete. Initial Design: Irene Goldberg, Pitsou Kedem. In charge Architect: Hagar Ben Zvi.

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Mad Architects
A fitting name for the whimsically-swirling conceptual designs of this Beijing-based firm architectural firm, the buildings and structures Mad Studios produces are nothing less than awe-inspiring. Follow Mad Architects on Instagram and prepare to be transported.


#TBT to MAD's conceptual design of Beijing's CBD for 2050 #MADArchitects #architecture #archilovers #beijing #CBD

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