Push the Limits of Design with Ortal’s Modern Linear Fireplaces

Ortals Modern Linear Fireplaces

150H TS Fireplace: A Three-Sided Fireplace Adds Depth and Beauty to Any Modern Space

The modern fireplace transcends function. Today, homeowners strive for more than a warm glow. They’re looking for limitless design. They demand cutting-edge efficiency. Featuring elegant contours and superior technology, Ortal’s linear line of contemporary fireplaces offers a triumph of form and function, transforming mere walls into stunning masterpieces.

A Fireplace for Any Space

Luxury fireplaces come with the ability to choose. That’s why Ortal manufactures over 85 models and several distinct Linear line styles. Whether you want a classic mantle or a sleek modern fireplace, our contemporary linear line can enrich any space. Start building your fireplace by choosing from one of these styles:

  • Front-Facing: A traditional, front-facing fireplace offers a seamless blend of classic beauty and modern convenience. Each model in our front-facing collection harmonizes beautifully with the surrounding décor and architecture. Encase your fireplace in a mantle for a time-honored atmosphere or opt for a streamlined design to create a minimalist ambiance. With Ortal, you’re free to express your own creative boundaries.
  • Three-Sided: A modern tour de force, the three-sided fireplace provides beauty from every angle. Enclosed on three sides by high-quality glass, this linear fireplace takes a flat view and turns it into a dynamic, three-dimensional experience.
  • Corner: Corner spaces offer the greatest opportunities to transcend the mundane. Our impeccably designed corner fireplaces captivate attention and draw focus to any space.
  • Space Creator: Why limit your fireplace to exterior walls? Why restrict your interior design possibilities? A space creator fireplace extends out into a room, rather than sitting flush against a flat wall. That allows designers and architects to separate living spaces in a visually stunning way.
  • Tunnel: Want to capture radiance on both sides of a wall? The tunnel fireplace transforms a solid wall or column into a charming and dynamic viewing experience. The modern tunnel fireplace is the ideal way to divide space, offering more depth and motion than a piece of art.

Reinvent Design with Ortal Advantages

Ortal’s commitment to innovative design doesn’t end with our revolutionary fireplace styles. We also equip each one of our models with state-of-the-art technology that helps you surpass any design obstacle. When you purchase an Ortal fireplace, you get unrivaled advantages.

interior design possibilities

Front Facing Clear 200H: A Television Hangs Directly Above a Front-Facing Fireplace Featuring Ortal’s Advanced Cool Wall Technology

  • Patented Cool Wall Technology ensures that surrounding walls remain cool, so you can place art, electronics, décor, and sensitive materials directly above or next to the unit. That helps architects, designers, and homeowners solve a number of hurdles, from awkwardly placed TVs to bare walls.
  • Ortal’s Exclusive Power Vent System allows you to place your fireplace anywhere in a home or apartment. Capable of releasing air up to 110 feet from the unit, the power vent system gives you the freedom to enjoy the comfort of a fireplace whenever and wherever you desire.
  • Innovative Heat Barrier Technology offers the best protection against hot Ortal offers two different types of barriers: a patented nearly invisible screen that fits snugly around each model, and a Double Glass Heat Barrier that keeps the outside layer cool to the touch.
  • Creative Interiors and Accessories let you customize the look and feel of your fireplace. Choose from a range of media options—everything from ceramic stones and clay logs to gorgeously colored glass. Include interior lighting and choose from differing facing materials to add a personal touch to your fireplace.

Design Without Limitations. Beauty Without Parallel.

Modern luxury is about more than static beauty. It’s about reaching for perfection, overcoming hurdles, and pushing the limits of design. Rediscover creative freedom with a linear fireplace from Ortal. Combining elegance and efficiency, our contemporary fireplaces surpass all expectations. Keep reading to learn how you can personalize your Ortal fireplace to match your own vision of the sublime.

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